UNIMOT - AVIA Poland chooses ICASA as a partner to be ready for the future

june 01, 2020
UNIMOT (AVIA Poland) chooses ICASA as a partner

As a rapidly growing ambitious organization UNIMOT is developing a network of petrol stations in Poland under the AVIA brand. To support their growth and to make their stations future proof, UNIMOT chooses ICASA.

UNIMOT S.A. – member of AVIA International since 2016 – is an independent importer of liquid and gas fuels in Poland. As a rapidly growing ambitious organization they are developing a network of petrol stations in Poland under the AVIA brand.


Make stations future proof

“We aim at launching around 70 stations by the end of 2020”, Adam Sikorski – CEO of UNIMOT – clarifies. “To support our growth and to make our stations future proof, we were looking for a solid partner with expertise in station and fleet card management. We have chosen ICASA to streamline and centralize the management of our stations and fleet cards, as well as the handling and the authorization of transactions” – adds Mr. Sikorski.

Cloud solution to run business from beginning to end

“We are delighted to guide UNIMOT in the expansion of their chain of petrol stations and in becoming one of the most used fuel card in Poland”, Rudi Bollen – CEO of ICASA Group – explains. “With our ICASA Suite we offer our customers a cloud solution to run their business from beginning to end, and we provide the flexibility of implementing a solution which perfectly matches the changing needs and wishes of our partner’s business.”

Fleet card management

For their fleet card management, UNIMOT will be using the ICASA Authorization, which comprises the registration, authorization, controlling and processing of transactions and cards. All transactions are sent to the authorization server which has a real-time connection with the ICASA Suite or any other ERP-system that companies may use. The advantage is that both card publishers as well as card holders always work with the most actual data and have an actual overview of the fuel cards.



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