Is your company ready for the new privacy legislation?

MARCH 18, 2018
Is your company ready for the new privacy legislation?

As we already announced in our ICASA News of March 2017, the new privacy legislation (the so-called General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR in short) is effective as from May 2018. The new law includes a number of new obligations and liabilities for companies that process personal details of Europeans.

Personal details

Personal details are understood to mean all information or characteristics that can lead to the identification of a natural person such as a name, an identification number, location facts, an online identification… For instance, license numbers of vehicles, the registration of fuel cards or the delivery of petrol at home can be reduced to a natural person which means these data fall under the new privacy legislation.

The man responsible for processing takes necessary measures

In every company someone is responsible for the process. This person determines the target and the means for the processing of personal details, alone or together with others. Next to this, you have the people who process data on a daily basis whether or not by means of automatic procedures such as collecting, securing, arranging, structuring, retrieving, adjusting, modifying, ….

We are actively working on the necessary adaptations in the ICASA Suite. These changes will be integrated in one of the following releases. But GDPR goes a lot further than the ICASA Suite alone. All of the other software applications that you use and primarily the processes within your organization will also have to be GDPR compliant. Employer’s organizations such as VOKA, UNIZO, …. will be able to support you on this.

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