Gm Fuel chooses XPetro

Gm Fuel Service is a Spanish oil operator whose area of influence is mainly the north and the Mediterranean area through its Bilbao and Barcelona bases. A new base in the Outer Harbor of Huelva and the new offices in Sevilla mark the beginning of the expansion in the south of the peninsula.


GM Fuel card Next to buying and selling oil products, GM Fuel focuses with its subsidiary Credit Card on fleet cards for professional purposes, targeting from the self-employed with its own vehicle to the large fleets. And it’s for this division that ICASA has realized the card project in partnership with 2i. It covers the full flow from handling the stocks, to customer and card handling, authorization of cards and transactions as well as invoicing and reporting and a customer portal.

‘We were looking for a solution to control our business and to approach the market with more flexible solutions. For the management of our fleet cards we’ve chosen XPetro, which allows us to manage in a flexible way customers, limits, define products, activate and deactivate cards. Authorization of the cards and transactions as well as customer invoicing is part of our card project. Via the extensive dashboards within XPetro we can closely follow up on our customer base as well as on our agent network, making sure we keep tabs on how business is running on a daily basis! Historical info provides us with the triggers to detect and follow up on trends and evolutions.’

GM Fuel klein ‘XPetro shows us the (average) consumption per station per day, taking into account the day of the week (eg Sunday vs. Monday)’, Gm Fuel explains. ‘This way we can at any time call up the status of the current stock per station and a total overview of all stations at a glance; which allows us to ensure that the stations which accept our card never run out of fuel for our customers.

The customer card portal targets to offer our customers a self-service platform where they can manage their own fuel cards, consult transactions, download invoices and activate alerts on given activities with their cards in order to allow them (immediate) interventions if and when/where necessary.