AVIA Weghorst chooses ICASA to be ready for the future

OCTOBER 16, 2019
AVIA Weghorst chooses ICASA to be ready for the future

AVIA Weghorst chooses ICASA as a partner to make their 130 manned and unmanned stations in the Northeast and Central Netherlands future proof. Tomorrow’s Energy Management, Today with ICASA.

Since 2018 AVIA Weghorst is also using the authorization solution in the ICASA Energy Suite for the management, the handling and the authorization of transactions.

ICASA and AVIA Weghorst now extend their partnership. “To be ready for future challenges we will make use of the ICASA Energy Suite to manage all of our stations, distribution and finance, and to support our growth”, Niek Weghorst – CEO of AVIA Weghorst – explains. “By further automating all business processes into a central management system, ICASA assists us in maximizing our productivity, controlling our costs and managing our energy business.”

Subscription-based billing

“In addition to one-time invoices, CPOs can also automate the billing process of subscriptions with recurring invoicing. Just think of the maintenance or data for the SIM card of the EV chargers, … which can be invoiced on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. You also have the choice of charging this pre or post paid to the end customer. The automatic creation of orders, pro rata calculation and price flexibility are some other interesting features that the ICASA Suite offers. CPOs can choose between flat-rate subscriptions or pricing which is (automatically) adjustable over time. 
In addition, CPOs can also choose to work with a template, so that recurring projects can easily be duplicated and they do not have to start from scratch every time.”

A single platform

“The power of the ICASA Energy Software Suite is that it offers a cloud platform and application to perform multiple core functions of the company end-to-end”, Rudi Bollen – CEO of ICASA Group – clarifies. “Standard dashboards with extensive configuration options offer our customers great added value to monitor and adjust matters where required. With our software suite we can provide the flexibility of implementing a solution which perfectly matches the changing needs and wishes of our partner’s business.”

Start your journey with Tomorrow’s Energy Management today

At ICASA, customer satisfaction, innovation and quality go hand in hand. ICASA is constantly adapting its cloud suite as the market and customers’ needs evolve.After all, the IT sector is changing at lightning speed, and with its extensive portfolio of management solutions, ICASA is following these developments closely. After all, standing still is going backwards.


With more than 30 years of experience in the energy sector, ICASA has become a major player in the market. With the ICASA Energy Software Suite, ICASA offers its customers a total and integrated cloud solution for the management of all downstream activities. From logistics, to wet stock, dry stock, cards & authorization, and finance.

ICASA, with headquarters in Belgium, has branches in the Netherlands and USA, and teams spread across Belgium, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Spain.


AVIA Weghorst

Under the international flag of AVIA, AVIA Weghorst supplies fuel to gas stations and wholesale customers in the transport, agricultural and industrial sectors. With the AVIA Tank and Truck Cards, entrepreneurs can refuel at more than 130 Weghorst gas stations in the Northeast and Central Netherlands. In addition, the card offers national and international coverage.


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