A platform to manage all of your stations

AUGUST 31, 2019

You are probably familiar with the terms ‘BOS & HOS’, in full Blackoffice System and Headoffice System. Before the cloud was invented, local software (BOS) was installed in every fuel station to manage the station. The data were sent to the Headoffice System (HOS) where everything was centralized.

Thanks to the ICASA Energy Suite, you no longer need this division. We no longer speak of BOS/HOS because we now have a cloud solution that enables all functionalities to work on one platform in one central application.

Thanks to the construction of our Energy Suite – which is based on roles, entrance, processes, … – we can configurate all functionalities easily and quickly on every level.
For example, we can define the same functionality to work on the local station today and tomorrow we could program it in such a way that management can happen at the head office.

Would you like to organize and reorganize your functionalities and processes in a flexible way? With the ICASA Energy Suite you can make this happen in no time. We are more than happy to show you!


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